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Does a Doula Actually Make a Difference?

Yes! There have been 11 studies across 16 countries that in total contained 15,000 participants. The conclusion from all of that research determined that the presence of a Doula shortened labor times, decreased the need of pain medication, improved health outcomes for mom and baby, and significantly increased overall satisfaction with the birth experience.

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

A Doula's job is to first support the family. I will never step into the lane of the partner. Part of our prenatal appointments are specifically targeted to make sure the birth partner is informed and empowered to be the advocate and support their partner needs.

What is the Scope of Practice for a Doula?

A Doula is a nonclinical professional support. A Doula does not under any circumstances perform clinical tasks such as checking the cervix, interpreting fetal heart tones, taking blood pressure, etc. A Doula will encourage you to contact your care provider for anything outside of our scope of practice, and will provide resources to help clients connect with providers such as CNMs, OBs, Mental Health Professionals, and other medical providers you may need.

What if I Don't Want a Natural Birth?

The continuous care support a Doula offers is always beneficial, regardless of what kind of labor and delivery you desire. Doulas are often viewed as a "hippie crunchy granola" type of support that pushes you to have no interventions and have your baby "naturally". But, the truth is that Doula support should be completely accepting and supportive of whatever plan makes you comfortable. It's my job to inform you with evidence based information on all of your options, and then support you on the choices you make.

What Does Postpartum Support Look Like?

Our culture has robbed so many new parents of the beauty and peace of the postpartum period (or 4th trimester). In most other cultures around the world, the mother is celebrated and revered by the community and family. For the first 40 days after birth, they don't lift a finger and their mental load is greatly reduced to allow bonding to occur. My PP supports look like intentional mothercare, nourishing food preparation, light tidying, and assisting new parents in the adjustment to their new life. Sometimes, that just looks like bringing baby to you to nurse at and then doing the burping and the work to put baby back to sleep, and sometimes it's doing the simple tasks that need to be done for a clear mind and space so you can relax.

Am I Too Far Along for a Doula? When is the Ideal Time to Hire a Doula?

You are never too far along for anything you want to change during your pregnancy, because it is your experience to manage. Whether you contact me the moment the stick says + or you're well into your third trimester, we can create a plan for you. Ideally, the earlier you hire a Doula the better. Doula's jobs are centered around their understanding of who you are and what you want on an intimate level, so contacting me early is the best way to build those connections through the pregnancy.

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